Who We Are

We are veterans of the Vietnam War. As members of the 196th LRRPs, E 51st LRPs, and Company G (Ranger) 75th Infantry who served in Vietnam during hostile activities, we are proud of our accomplishments and are proud of the LRRP/Ranger units in which we served.

Our motto is Sua Sponte, "Of Their Own Accord". This motto reflects not only our spirit of individuality, but also represents our commitment and affinity to the entire brotherhood of 196th LRRPs, E 51st LRPs, and Co. G (Ranger) 75th Infantry. We hold the experiences and memories of our war time camaraderie as sacred and unwavering and seek to maintain this camaraderie by actively promoting its continuance through the establishment of the Co. G (RANGER) 75th Infantry Association.

As veterans, our concerns do not stop with our immediate membership. We will not forget those who did not return, and shall always stand to support the dignity and memory of all those who sacrificed their lives. We also recognize that some of our brothers continue to struggle and we are committed to embrace and assist them with any practical means at our disposal. We further acknowledge the unacceptable accounting of Vietnam veterans listed as missing in action and will support all responsible action that leads to full disclosure and resolution to the issue of the MIA's.

We are aware that as individuals and as an organization, we have the opportunity to influence the public's image of the Vietnam veteran in a positive manner and shall therefore conduct the Association in a manner that promotes a better understanding and appreciation of our role in society.

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