Reference: The award of the coveted Ranger tab to Vietnam Era LRRP/Ranger Veterans in this issue of Sua Sponte and a true pictorial of Colonel Robert Rogers in the next issue.

(This is from LRRP, LRP, Ranger - David F. Weeks II, Vice President, 75th Ranger Regiment Assoc.), John, I am sending you a copy of what the Ranger tab board found and what they recommended. I went to Ft. Benning, Post Historian and requested a copy of it in June when I was down there for reserve training this year. I am submitting a copy to be published in the next patrolling magazine. It's not hear-say any more, it's in black and white. Enjoy the reading.

A. It is a four page document. The board convened at 0900 9 Dec. 1997, Room 453 Infantry Hall.

B. The mission of the Ranger Tab Board was to review requests to award the Ranger Tab to recipients of the Combat Infantryman Badge who served in Ranger units in combat and make specific recommendations to the Chief of Infantry based on current regulations, facts, and board deliberations.

C. The speaker for the LRRP/Ranger Units of the Vietnam Conflict and the 29th Ranger Battalion (Provisional) of WWII was Ranger Colonel (Retired) Robert Black.

D. The meeting deliberated and the Board recommended: Rational


Signed: Lawrence K. White, Jr., Colonel Infantry Chief of Staff