G 75th President’s Report

August 14, 2010

I am honored to serve the Company G (Ranger) 75th Infantry Association as its newly elected president. Our Association would like to thank those outgoing officers that have served us for the last couple of years: Joe Meinike, president; Frank Svensson, secretary; Dan Linehan, Keith Oney, and Dennis Nye as board members. Also a special thanks to “Top” Manning as our 75th Regiment Representative.

Continuing and newly elected officers of our Association are: Stephen Johnson, president; Chuck Williams, vice-president; Ed Carey, secretary; Frank Svensson, treasurer. Our Board members are Danny Jacks (Chair), Richard Corkan, Dave Moncada, Tom Nash, and Dave Travis. Stephen Crabtree is our new 75th Regiment Representative, Tom Robison continues as our corporate counsel and Jerry Howard as our company historian. Ed Carey continues as managing editor of “Sua Sponte”.

Our July reunion at the Denver Marriott South at Park Meadows in Littleton was a success thanks to our host and event coordinators, Ed and Donna Carey. Thanks Ed and Donna for a wonderful time in a scenic part of the country, the Rocky Mountains. We had over nearly forty members and a total of almost 80 people at our banquet!

Our auction and quilt covered the banquet costs and incidentals; no one was turned away from our banquet because of money issues; the association and its auction, emceed by Dave Moncada and Richard Corkan, did a marvelous job and so did our members by purchasing and bringing items for the auction!

At the Denver reunion we had special guests, Joe and Jennifer Frank. Joe served as a Tracker with his black Labrador Retriever in Vietnam. Their headquarters was right next door to ours in Chu Lai.

We had three first-time attendees from our Association in Denver this year. Each time we move our annual reunion to different parts of the country, we pick up a first time attendee! Staying connected and reconnecting to our band of brothers is a major accomplishment for our organization!

A few things that were discussed at our annual meeting were updating our website. Some suggestions included, putting up a “taps” ribbon, a place for photos and anecdotes of deceased members since returning home. Another suggestion is for everyone to take a look at the photos on our site and try and identify names to pictures. Anyone can do this by emailing me, or our webmaster, Justin Stay,  .

The video, “Who Were We?” is now on our website and can be accessed in our Gallery Section. There are some new slide shows, too. In Denver at our reunion I got a Vietnam photo CD from Lynn Walker who credits the photos to Warren Mabie; both Lynn and Warren reside in Livingston, Montana. Those photos, too, will be posted as a slide show.

Another suggestion is to coordinate efforts to disperse some of our monies to help present day Rangers and their families while serving their country. Stephen Crabtree is making a proposed list and the officers and board will collaborate with “Crabs” to assist in a responsible, meaningful way, keeping in mind our responsibilities not only to our own members, but also with our Ranger lineage that is presently in service and is in harm’s way.

On tap for next year is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Tom and Sharon Robison are laying out the place, date and time, including a tentative itinerary.

Our website, will have current information including our minutes and financial report as it becomes available; so will our “Sua Sponte” issue.

Stephen “Tower” Johnson                                                                                                                                                                                  

President G Company (Ranger) 75th Infantry Association