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Shelia Bowen Dudley
Project Manager
1st Ranger Battalion Memorial
(912)315-5608 or (912)308-1390
Honorary Member of the Regiment - 1999

Ranger Memorial Stone Donation Application

75th Ranger Regiment Association

Visit our on-line patrol base. Our members are the soldiers who have contributed to the rich heritage of the 75th Ranger Regiment. Security is in place and claymores are out, so relax, and enjoy your visit.

Welcome to the Ranger Memorial Foundation web site. This site contains information about the Ranger Memorial Foundation including its mission, purpose, history and how you can support the Foundation.




Americal Division Veterans Association Home Page

The Americal Division Veterans Association is dedicated as a living memorial to all veterans of the Americal Division and is pledged to foster true American patriotism, social and welfare activities for all members, allegiance to the United States Government, and its flag, and to perpetuate the traditions and history of the Americal Division of the United States Army.


The 196th Light Infantry Brigade Association was formed in 1985. The 196th Association is registered with the Department of the Army as the only official organization recognized to represent the former members of the 196th.

The current officers are: President: Bill Knight, Vice-President: Warren Neill, Treasurer: Ken Wright, Secretary: Ed Zahn. Ken McKenzie edits the newsletter.

L Company 101st LRRPs-Rangers

This site is intended as a resource for all to share photos and memories of their time spent with L Company.

"Ahead of the Rest"



To My Fellow Vets,

Thank you for visiting our website.  Tina and I started reproducing certificates as a hobby.  Over the past few months the demand for replica certificates has been overwhelming.  

Many of our fellow veterans have lost, damaged, or destroyed their certificates over the years and it is very difficult, if not impossible, to have these certificates replaced by the U.S. Government.  We want to help restore some of that lost history, by giving you the ability to share with your children, grandchildren, other family members and friends many of your accomplishments and how you served our country with Pride, Honor, and Loyalty.

We have always kept the pain of coming home to an ungrateful nation to ourselves, but I believe it is time for us to let America know who the "Band of Brothers" are; we were the American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines, but we'll always be the Proud Vietnam Veteran.

Carl Hudson, RVN 66-69 

Vietnam-Indochina Tours(tm) is veteran owned and operated, providing services to Vietnam since the lifting of their embargo in 1994. We are a tour operator, not a travel agency; this means that you are dealing direct with the people who provide the actual services and not through a ‘broker’ who is selling someone else’s tour.

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