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Found this picture the other day and thought the guy's might like it. G/2 75th ABN RANGERS @ Da Nang, I believe it was 1971.   Photo courtesy Michel J. Sharp 
Lt. Eptins
SSG Kimbell
Chu Lai 1971 LT Gillett & SSG Kimbell
Team North Carolina 1971 G Co Area  EM line up at chin up bars before entering mess hall. Chu Lai Rosemary Point 1971 Team North Carolina returning from mission. 
Chu Lai 1971 Ladder Training Chu Lai
Unidentified Ranger North Carolina returns from mission. SSG Kimball (c) S/P4 Dewsnup  others unidentified SSG Kimball (c)  others unidentified SSG Kimball at obstacle course (L)  SSG Kimball (R)  SSG  Beach Ladder Training Chu Lai (L) SSG Brown (C) Unidentified (R) LT. Gillett (L) SSG Kimball (C) Unitentified (R)  SGT Pachecu 75th Ranger Guard Tower Chu Lia Vietnam
1971 L) Unidentified (C) SSG Kimbell (R) Unidentified Kimbel (L-R)  SSG Kimball  SGT Weyhenmeyer 
 Unidentified Unidentified Team SSG Duff's maybe?? 5_Count_em Group Bob Clarke Bob Clarke Bob Clarke Bob Clarke Bob Clarke & Mark Brennan Bob McCormack Bob McCormack Bob Webber Bologna Mark Brennan Cannon & Crew Cannon & Fastiggi Calling Card Capt Maxwell Carl Car Velleri Car Velleri Car Velleri Car Vellerii Car Velleri Car Velleri Car Velleri Car Velleri Car Velleri Casey Chandler, Thomas, Tablano, Mosley General Casey awards a purple heart to Chuck Donahoo at Long Bin hospital, 30 May 1970.  General Casey was killed a few weeks later in a helicopter crash. Connor and Wiley LR - Connor, Brennan, 
Wiley Daniels & Davidson (KIA). Cecil Crosby Cecil Crosby Dane, Konko, Franklin Dave Travis Dave Travis Dave Travis2 Delbert DeLowe Doc Thompson & Bud Watson Don't_Leave_Home_Without_It Earl Toomey Earl Toomery & Max Mims Earl Toomey Earl Toomey & Bob Webber Paul Roselle & Earl Toomey Ed Konkol Fenton Franklin Franklin Williams Fred Cox Gruver & Dougherty Huygen Cao Paul Roselle Lt. Ron Edmundson Mark Brennan Mark_Brennan Mazzucchi, Wiley & Nash Mazzucchi Mike McMahon McMahon, Brennan & Connor Mike McMahon Mike McMahon Mike Maar Mims Nash & Williams Nui Ba Den Paul Grondines R & R Beach Ray Spivey Ray Spivey & Bob Webber Richard Pacheco Richard Rod_Congdon Ron_Edmunson SGT_Johnson Scully Smitty Spivey Tom Nash Tom Nash Tom Nash Tom Nash Tower in Happy Valley Dave Travis Vic Valariano Vic Valariano Vic & Mark swimming in a bomb crater Vic Valariano & Mark Brennan William William (Bud) Watson William (Bud) Watson2 William (Bud) Watson2 William M William M. (Chuck) Connor William M. (Chuck) Connor William M.ChuckConnor Willie_Williams WinstonClough cw1 Fenton Fenton & Caralley Found 'em Paul Grondines Kasey Kasey Kasey Massmire Rappelling Tower Rappelling Tower Lance Chandler, Larry Mosely, Steve Franklin Lance Chandler & Dick Roth Lance Chandler, Steve Franklin Lance Chandler & Dick Roth Brennan, Webber, Bologna, 
66-67 Snuffy Skully Unknown Vic Valariano Vic Valariano 66-67 Vic Valariano 66-67