Photos Jun'68-Spring '69 Provided by SGM (Ret) Paul W. Reynolds Tm Alabama, LZ Baldy, MACV Recondo 1454

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MACV Recondo School Nha Trang, RVN Sep '68

 Recondo School Museum

Recondo School Museum


Rest Break

Over flight in LZ Baldy AO

Tm AL going to infil in LZ Baldy Area Operations.

SGT Reynolds (Coyote), PSG, TL AL,

SGT Reynolds, Supply Tent, LRRP Club, Perimeter Guard Bunker

SP4 James Woodard (Slim) heading to LRRP's new shower

SGT Dan Langdon (Bump) Tm Alabama LZ Baldy, Oct '68

SP4 Jim Woodard Tm Alabama Point Man

SGT Reynolds LZ Baldy

SP4 Truman Woods (Acid) & SGT Dan Langdon (Bump) in background

SP4 Benny Dunham (Babysan) Tm Alabama, LZ Baldy, Oct '68

SGT Gary Janis & SSG Bob Shelby

SGT Janis and SP4 Sandlin at Red Shithouse. Painted because it caught on fire.


SGT Paul Reynolds (Coyote) TL Tm Alabama, Oct '68
TL SGT Reynolds (Coyote) TM AL on over flight west of  LZ Baldy


SGT Reynolds (Coyote), TL TM AL, Extraction back to LZ Baldy

LZ Baldy built by SSG Bob Shelby & SGT Gary Janis plus
Tm Alabama & Tm Tennessee

LZ Baldy LRRP Camp Oct '69

Tm Alabama hooch

LRRP Club LZ Baldy

Last survivor from last nights party.

LZ Baldy LRRP TOC on left, Plt Ldr hooch on right

Tm Alabama hooch, LRRP Helipad on left

LRRP Jeep. No brakes and a hole in the radiator. Real pain in the ass.

Home sweet home. Tm AL hooch.

Huey on LZ Baldy LRRP Helipad

Returned from over flight.

LZ Baldy SSG Shelby & SGT Janis

SSG Bob Shelby & SGT Gary Janis

Tm AL prior to departure. SP4 Woodard (Slim) SP4 Schreiber seeing team off.

Tm AL, SP4 Woodard (Slim), SP4 Grossman (Houston),
ATL SGT Dunham (Babysan)


 TM AL, Sun up, extraction day. LZ Baldy AO

LZ Baldy AO, Hill 479, Extraction Tm AL

SGT Dan Langdon (Bump)

ATL Benny Dunham, SGT Paul Reynolds, SGT Dan Langdon,
SP4 Truman Woods

Tm AL, ATL Benny Dunham (Babysan) & TL Paul Reynolds (Coyote)

B52's heading North.

Enemy soldier standing left of the tree.

Foggy Morning LZ  Baldy AO

Clear Afternoon LZ  Baldy AO

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