Call to Action from Emmett W. Hiltibrand of the 75th Ranger Regiment Association.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I've begun one of the most useful sections of our web site to date.  It's titled "HEALTH".  It can currently be found under the Interesting Links tab, at left menu 'Health'.  In the near future it will be moved more to the front so it can be more easily found.  I am unable to research and post all of the data I wish that could be up there for our members.  I have asked and received help on a number of topic's but not any where near listed here.  My approach was narrow and
naturally the response, though supportive, was equally narrow.  Now I need to broaden my request for help.  I'm approaching you the leadership of this Association to send this message out to your members asking them for help. This is a worthy cause and may just help save the life of a member.  Please ask your members if they have any interest in the topic's listed below and for them to contact me personally.  I have found from the most unsuspecting people a passion on several topic's.  I will provide the volunteer with complete instructions on what and method to submit the information to me for posting.  The individual submitting the data will gets credits as the coordinator for that topic.

In the MAJOR LIFE THREATENING PROBLEMS CATEGORY, I need help in the subject's of: Agent Orange, Heart Attack and Stroke.

In the INDIVIDUAL PHYSIOLOGICAL PROBLEMS CATEGORY, I need help in the subject's of: Colon, Vision, Hearing, keeping a healthy Heart, Immune System, Liver, Prostate, Skeletal Structure, Skin Care, Digestive System, Weight Control, Respiratory System, Blood Pressure, Circulation, Aging, Infections, Urinary Tract and Allergies.

In the SEPARATE PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS CATEGORY, I need help in the subject's of: Anger Management, Anxiety Control, Depression, Fear, Guilt, Insomnia, Nightmares, Relations, Abusiveness and Destructiveness.

In the ALTERNATIVE REMEDIES CATEGORY, I need help in the subject's of: Acupuncture, Dietary, Medical Check-up's, Energy, Exercise, Herbs, Life Saving Measure's, Physicals, Supplements, Vitamins.

In the PREEMPTIVE OPTIONS CATEGORY, I need help in the subject's of: Arrangements, Codicil to Will's, Critical Data sheets, Health News, Final Instructions, Last Will, Living Will, Notification in the event of.

In the SUPPORTIVE AGENCIES CATEGORY, I need help in the subject's of: Veterans Administration Claims and Appeals, Department of Defense, Social Security, Med Alert, Web MD, Center for Disease Control, American Medical Association, Other Organizations, Hot Lines and Life and Health Insurance.

Your advice and input as to additional topic's or modification of existing topic's would be appreciated.

RLTW - Strength & Honor

Emmett W. Hiltibrand