AT EASE!!  Now, pay attention.  I know we're all getting old and have trouble with comprehension and paying attention for long periods of time.  But you need to hear this and then apply it.  Our reunion tee shirt supply is dwindling.  BECAUSE OF THIS WE HAVE A LIMITED SUPPLY AND ONLY SELECT SIZES ARE STILL AVAILABLE!  We'll be doing our best to keep the webpage updated in a timely manner.  If you have any doubts about what you are ordering, email Crabs. DISMISSED!!


White Polo Shirt

Stock No. - P02

"The NEW polo shirt.  Features the official association logo embroidered on the breast."
3 Medium, 2 large, left

Price: $25.00



White Sweatshirt

Stock No. S-02

"The same as the gray................ only white."
3 Xlarge, 2 XXlarge left.

Price: $30.00




Logo Only T-Shirt

Stock No. - T50

"Ideal for those of you that don't want anything but the association logo on your shirt."
9 large, 1 3x left.

Price: $20.00



All Gave Some...

Stock No. - M-13

"A generous donation to the association from the Nye family!"
2, Xlarge left

Price: $20.00


God Bless America

 Stock No. M-12
"Nice artwork."
3 XL & 2 XXL left.

Price: $5.00



Co. G (Ranger)
75th Infantry Association
Baseball Hats

Stock No. - H01

One size fits all.
Association logo.





Americal LRRP Pin

Stock No. -

Proce: $5.00

"These are almost impossible to find.  We had to have them custom made."

MACV Recondo Pin

Stock No. - M05

Price $5.00

"These are tough to find.  Get 'em while we got 'em."

Stock No. -  M07

Association Coffee Cup

"Why drink coffee from anything else?"

Price is $9.00

Video Tape:

"Who Were We"

"John Fritzinger's timeless production.  Only two remaining.  Please note, these are video tapes NOT dvd's.

Price: $15.00

Myrtle Beach 2011 Reunion T-shirt; 3 3XL

Branson 2012 Reunion T-shirt; 14 M,  3 L

San Diego 2013 Reunion T-shirt; 3 M

Savannah 2014 Reunion T-shirt; 2 L, 15 XL, 11 2XL, 1 3XL

Association Bumper Stickers; 65 

San Diego Coffee Cups; 6

Recondo Pins; 22

LRRP Pins; 32


Shipping prices are to any U.S. state, Mexico and Canada. Nonmembers allow 3 weeks for delivery. Members 10 days.

Click here for Adobe Acrobat printable order form.